About Genesis and Creation – 1

Someone texted me, “Genesis 1:1 in the beginning of God created the heavens and earth. Did God create the universe and earth on the same day?”

Let me make response to this question in point form:

  • Literally yes. However,
  • scientifically, a “day” is caused and defined by light
  • according Genesis, light was created after the creation of the heavens and earth
  • therefore, the “day” in here should not interpreted as the “day” now we understand (with 24 hours).
  • The beginning of Genesis actually was written to declare the fact (at least from the author’s point of view) God created the universe.
  • Because of Genesis, I know that God created the universe.
  • Genesis helps me to understand the why (the universe exists) – God created it.
  • I won’t use Genesis as my scientific reference when I try to understand the how.

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