Alan Watts’ “what is Tao”

In the conclusion of the book, Alan wrote, “In our restlessness we are always tempted to climb every hill and cross every skyline to find out what lies beyond, yet as you get older and wiser it is not just flagging energy but wisdom that teaches you took at mountains from below, or perhaps just climb them a little way. For at the top you an no longer see the mountain. And beyond, on the other side, there is, perhaps, just another valley like this”. He also pointed out that “what we are seeking is, if we are not totally blind, already here”. When we are seeking for love, blessing, wisdom, truth, success, meaning, abundance, beauty…, we often like to go beyond “the mountain”, we at the end often find out “in the place where we are now, we have already arrived”. Do not wait, no need to go beyond, we can experience His presence right now and right here. Open our heart to Him who will help us to see the beauty, find the meaning and experience the abundancy of the life. Thanks be to God!

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