Instant travel amid the pandemic and restrictions

In Ashely Davis Bush’ book, “The Little Book of Inner Peace”, she wrote, ” An amazing truth is that your body and mind respond to what you imagine, even if it isn’t real. For example, your body will relax, whether you literally lie in the sun on the beach or visualize yourself lying in the sun on the beach….Once you have your time and place, summon the details in your mind’s eye: temperature, sounds, smells, sights and tastes. Direct you attention to the positive feelings and associations that arise in your body – warm heart, relaxed feelings, a smile, and so on. Breathe in deeply and let the feelings of well-being expand within you.”

I really appreciate her concept here and I do believe these exercises should be able to help us to cope with our vacation/travel/social gathering hunger. However, I have problem with her title for these exercises, “instant travel”. My imagination is not that rich. While I was trying hard to visualize travels it was very hard for me to feel relaxed. I think I need to adjust my expectation and itinerary, or a good experience in the past should also helps. The point is we have ways to let the feelings of well-being expand within us.

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