Thom Rainer’s “The Post Quarantine Church”

Although we are not sure if and how the Covid19 Pandemic is going to be over, Thom’s discussions in his book are good reminders for leaders as the churches gradually return to in-person gatherings.

Thom rightly points out that he new normal of the post-quarantine church does not look like the old normal of the pre-pandemic church. In order to grasp the new opportunities the new normal is bringing us, Thom advises us to 1) gather differently; 2) reach the digital world; 3) reconnect with the community near our churches; 4) take prayer to a new and powerful level; 5) rethink our facilities for emerging opportunities and 6) make lasting changes that will make a difference.

In fact, these are the areas the churches have been ignored for years and the new normal is waking us up to make responses to the rapid changing of the world.

The three layers of the self-awareness onion

In his book “The Subtle Art of Not Give A Fuck”, Mark Manson talks about self-awareness. For him, “self-awareness is like an onion”; the first layer of the self-awareness onion s a simple understanding of one’s emotions; the second layer of the self-awareness onion is an ability to ask why we feel certain emotions (this layer of questioning helps us understand the root cause of the emotion that overwhelm us); the third level is our personal values that determines the nature of our problems and then the quality of our lives (for him, values underlie everything we are and do).

I appreciate and resonate with his thought, especially on the importance & role of “values” in our lives. In fact, honest self-questioning and having a deeper knowledge of our own values are difficult. The journey of discerning and learning our own values leads us to be our true self, understands why we feel, think, say and do in “that” way, and even adjust our values.

Do you aware of your own values?

Derek Lin’s “The Tao of Daily Life”

In chapter 1 of this book, Lin wrote, “When the rationality of brain utterly fails to grasp the Tao, the heart will step in to embrace it with a way of knowing that is beyond knowledge. Feeling is the key”. Instead of “feeling”, I believe “experiencing is the key”. The “experiencing” I am talking about here is to live in the presence of Tao fully. In this way, Tao is experienced in our thinking, feeling, speaking, listening, walking…when we live fully in the moment of our life.


有一日在本地一家華人主理的大型超市看到有大紅袍賣,而且價錢不貴。 武夷山出品的大紅袍是烏龍茶的一種,又有茶中狀元之稱。只因其名氣就買了一小盒。 回家打開一看一聞就知道自己“錯了”。 在這個消費商業社會,那可能以廉價買到美物呢? 看來不能貪心便宜和方便,要買還好茶,還是要到茶莊那裡買。


因為女兒進入青少年期,所以孫牧師這本書的題目已經吸引了我。 本書其中一個重點就是作父母要學習放手。 在放手之前,難的是要先學習放心。 放心兒女們其實是可以面對困難和跌倒的。。。這樣我們才能更認識,明白, 尊重和信任我們的兒女。這不正是青少年所想要和需要的嗎?

Responding to the anti-vaccine rally

After I read this news, I have the following thoughts:

Yes, I totally respect and value the importance of freedom and choice and I also believe love over fear. But how do they value the safety and health of others and their own? How do they define freedom and choice? How do they understand and interpret love and fear? In order to fight the COVID19 pandemic, do they have any other workable solutions other than vaccinations and social restrictions? I do know many people deny the seriousness of the pandemic; they do not believe the public/scientific statistics; some even do not believe anything about the pandemic at all…I also wonder if they themselves or their beloved ones have been infected and hospitalized.

At the end, I do want my “normal” life back too and I do feel very challenging and difficult in the past months. But I do cherish the limited freedom I am having now, at least for now I can visit my parents and I can go out for grocery/shopping/jogging… I also appreciate the efforts of others, especially frontline healthcare workers. Let’s keep hope alive when we are in the dark and let’s walk together on this journey.