Brian Tracy’s “Just shut up and Do It! “

The title of the book really attracted me and I thought it’s a book teaching me to say “shut up and do it” to people in an effective way (yes, many people pay lip services). Instead, this book is to help us to get things done and consequently we will feel fulfilled and even happy as we are “moving step-by-step toward the accomplishment of something”. I am not going to introduce his 7 steps to conquer the goals (it is better for you to buy and read it yourself) here, instead, I like to conclude my short reflection with what he wrote, “There is very little that you cannot accomplish if you are clear about your goals, develop written, plans, and then work on them until you achieve them. You are in complete charge of your own life. You are responsible…The secret of success has always been the same: get started and keep going”.

My friends, have you gotten started the way to achieve your goal? Do you have a goal?

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