Mother’s living stories

Have you heard about “The Mother’s Living Stories” project?  From 1995-2005, Mothers’ Living Stories,  a San Francisco Bay Area-based nonprofit project, listened to ill mothers and developed services and resources to support them.  Many trained volunteers went to the (especially young) mothers’ home, sat by their side for many hours, and listened to them tell about their lives.  The stories were for the dying mothers’ children.

These mothers would never see their children grow up.  And their children would never be able to ask their mother about her life, about her dreams, her disappointments and her….  They would never have the opportunity to ask: “How should I love?  How do I know what is right?  What di you do when you were my age? …”

The volunteers asked the mothers to tell them everything they would tell their growing children for when they are older, for when they need a mother’s loving words to them what they need to hear.

The volunteers then collected those stories, compiled edited transcripts and put it all in a beautiful box decorated with photos from the mothers’ life, friends, and family.  The stories would be able to be kept safe until the right time, until they are needed, and the children are ready to hear them.

How many of us would have treasured such a gift from a loved one passed too soon?  How many questions would we ask, if we could?

How many of us would feel the need and be ready to ask while our beloved mother (and father) still alive.

It is not too late to spend your time to ask and get to know more about your beloved ones.  It is not too late to seek for their guidance and wisdom.

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