You are not “Homeless”.

Once I read it from a book that I forgot its name: “You don’t have to run really far to be a long way from home when you’re looking for the wrong kind of stuff”.

Do you resonate with it? Where is your Home? Are you a long way from Home? What kinds of “wrong stuff” have they been occupying you? For you, what is a Home here?

Someone says that a Home is where we can find comfort, love, and peace and be ourselves. Furthermore, a Home is where our soul resides and we can find our true selves there. For me, a Home is where we can meet and listen to God’s voice.

Where is the Home and where can we find it? You and I do not need to go a long way to meet God who is “not far from any one of us”. You can meet him in your heart.

Friends, you are not “Homeless”. Come Home!

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