Digital Connection vs Real Friends

Are your digital connections more important than the people in front of you?

In his book, “Framing Faith”, Matt Knisely writes:

“Experts say that people in our day and age actually become anxious when our brains are not stimulated by technology. As a result, we have become disconnected from other people and events that surround us. We have more ‘friends’ but fewer real friends. More ‘conversations’ but fewer conversations that really matter. Our relationship pool has grown much, much wider but also much, much shallower. Our real relationships are the ones that fill us, that truly satisfy us…What our soul really craves is a solid meal – interactions with actual friends or family that take time, an investment of emotional energy, planning, thought and focus….”

Looking at the list of my Facebook friends, I wonder how many of them I have actually met in person. Probably because I am old fashion, I still like the 3 C: Coffee, Conversation, and Community.

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