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孤寂,是一種生命很難迴避的感受和體會。在一生的成長過程,某些生命階段,每個人必然都要體會這種深刻的人生滋味。這種感受,來自一種人際上的孤單、疏離和寂寞感,發生的原因很多,像是因為地理上和人群的疏遠距離而導致的孤立,或是心理上情感的斷裂所帶來的親密感失落和情感空虛。朋友, 你現在感到孤寂嗎?解寂不要往外尋求 而要往心裡去。 你會在那裡找到家。

Joe Calloway’s “Keep It Simple: Unclutter Your Mind to Uncomplicate Your Life”

Cluttered processes and over-complications are the enemies of control in our life. In this book, Joe Calloway offers us two powerful tools to streamline our life, reduce stress, and achieve our goals: simplification and focus. Joe wrote, “Focus means clarity. Clarity means knowing what is most important…Getting focused is the path to simplicity, and simplicity … Continue reading

Michael H. Hoppe’s “Active Listening: Improving Your Ability To Listen And Lead”

Although it published by the Center for Creative Leadership is written for leaders is for everyone. We all need to learn to be an effective listening. Although this book is very thin (less than 30 pages), it effectively describes the six components of active listening: paying attention, suspending judgement, reflecting, clarifying, summarizing and sharing. If … Continue reading

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