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禪宗老祖達摩在“達摩禪”裏指出“自心即是佛”,有說“若欲覓佛,須是見性,見性即是佛“。 ”見性“在這裏是指看見自性,也即是自己的本來面目。達摩更指出”若不見性,念佛誦經持齋戒亦無益處。。。縱說得十二部經,亦不免生死輪回,三界受苦,無出期時“。 作爲一位牧師,我同意達摩所説的這種”見性“的靈性。我們若不認清楚自己的本來面目,就是我們也只不過是受造物之一仍然需要不斷地回轉歸向神的話,那麽縱使我們熟讀聖經多少遍,我們仍然不能得著釋放、自由和平安。 我們仍然執著、迷惘、惶恐、墨守成規、自以爲是和自我中心。 於是聖經不但成爲我們的偶像和到達神那裏的阻攔,也成爲我們加在自己和他人身上的枷鎖, 更甚是轄制他人的工具。 ”耶穌禱文“:主耶穌基督,神的兒子,開恩可憐我這個罪人!

Learnings from Emily Chase’s book, “What do I say to a friend who’s gay?”

I have finished reading this book lately, although it was published in 2006. Although I may not agree with everything she said in this book, I have learned a lot from her about holding friendships in a Christian way, and now I like to share some of them with you: Even if you may not…

Planting a Christian community with fresh expressions of Christian faith – 1

I am a church planter who started a Christian community a few months ago. The book, “Fresh Expressions: A New Kind of Methodist Church for People Not in Church” by Kenneth H. Carter Jr. and Audrey Warren, has given me inspiration for my discerning and planning about the ways to continue our journey. First, I…

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