Our News

Jan 31, 2023: Our monthly newsletter for December 2022 has been uploaded.

Jan 26, 2023: You are invited to our weekly Saturday Cantonese worship service at 3:30 pm.

Jan 25, 2023: You are welcome to Fr. Bill’s Second Floor Cafe.

Dec 11, 2022: Our monthly newsletter for November 2022 has been uploaded.

Nov 29, 2022: I (Fr. Bill) invite you to share this poster with your Chinese-speaking friends. This poster is about the free counseling services that I am offering to the Chinese-speaking community. People can come to me in the areas of family, marriage, mental health, and faith-seeking.

Nov 5, 2022: Our monthly newsletter has been published.

Oct 30, 2022: Our gathering space is located on the 2nd floor of the multipurpose building. The space is not ready yet. Please stay tuned for our coming updates about our space and ministry.