encouragement for a new blogger to post and share more

Since I started this blog on Jan 1 2021, my posts have been viewed readers from different countries and regions including Canada, United States, Ireland, China, Taiwan, India, Sweden, Hong Kong, France, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Germany, Qatar, Japan, Austria, Netherlands, Singapore, Romania, Nepal, Brazil, Macau, Costa Rica and Greece.

In the coming days, I hope to share my thoughts, learning and life with more and more readers. I also hope the works can enrich my life and many others’ life.

My first two months as a blogger

Since day one I opened my blog I have been sharing short reflections on different topics. Writing these short reflections at first helps me to articulate myself. I have never expected visits from many countries/regions including Canada, USA, India, China, Ireland, Hong Kong, Qatar, Japan and France. I hope my reflections can benefit the readers in different ways.